Who is in charge here anyway?

The #ProtectPublicLands campaign is run by Outdoor Alliance, in coordination with the Outdoor Industry Association and The Conservation Alliance.

Outdoor Alliance is a coalition of advocacy groups dedicated to preserving the remainder of North America’s best wild places for future generations to access and explore. Our coalition includes Access Fund, American Whitewater, American Canoe Association, IMBA, Winter Wildlands, The Mountaineers, and American Alpine Club. Together, we represent almost 200,000 members across all 50 states and protect outdoor experiences for the millions of Americans who get outside each year.

Fighting the public land heist is one of our biggest ongoing campaigns. Here are the ways we’re working to #ProtectPublicLands:

  • Building public awareness – a lot of land heist bills slip under the radar in western states, and anti-public lands legislators are counting on people not paying attention to advance their agendas. The best way to fight this is to help people understand the issue generally, and to keep people informed when bills arise in their states. That’s why we use the state specific maps, and track legislation in every state to help connect the dots.
  • Riling up partners and businesses – we can’t do it alone (we’re literally a 5-person organization), and an issue like this needs a lot of voices. We work closely with our 7 rad member groups, with businesses in the outdoor industry, and with other non-profit and advocacy groups to help them speak out against the public land heist. Check out the full list of partners here.
  • Social media blitz – okay, maybe it’s because our Communications Director is a millennial, but we believe in the power of social media. And you know what? Politicians do, too! Recent presidential debates opened with questions about topics trending on Facebook, so we know that what happens on the Internet definitely doesn’t stay on the Internet. We ask people to share why they love public lands with the hashtag #ProtectPublicLands, and have reached hundreds of thousands.
  • Meeting with western governors – over the last year, we’ve worked to meet with governors’ offices out west to talk about public lands. Mostly, we arrange these meetings through our Regional Networks, our state-based coalitions of local advocates. We’ve had success with both Colorado’s and Montana’s governors in making pro-public lands statements and vowing to protect these important places.
  • Meeting with members of Congress – we've spent time this spring and summer meeting with members of Congress all across the country to tell them what public lands mean to us. This fall, leaders from our 6 Regional Networks will meet with members of Congress in their districts or DC to discuss the public land heist.
  • Responding to legislation on the state and national level – once you’ve signed the petition, you also have access to targeted action alerts that provide you opportunities to share your voice when it really matters (in other words, we don’t email you for no reason). If a land heist bill comes up in your state, we’ll make sure you hear about it and have the opportunity to respond. When we share our voices, it makes a big impact (here’s an example of what happened in Wyoming early in 2016).
  • Working across the aisle – public lands are one of the things that we, as Americans, do really well. Protecting these common resources so that we can all access, own, and enjoy them for decades to come is incredibly important. We’re sharing this message with both sides of the aisle to ensure that policymakers understand how important public lands are to their constituents. We’re also celebrating that public lands belong to all of us, and encouraging folks to vote for their public lands.