Want to do more?

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There are many ways to be a part of the campaign to defeat the public land heist and protect public lands for all Americans. At Outdoor Alliance, we think advocacy should be easy. Here are 10 meaningful and effective things you can do to protect public lands. Actions 1 - 8 you can do every week! Bookmark this page and share it with your friends and family. Jump in!

Outdoor Alliance's Advocacy 101 series is a quick-and-dirty run down on four ways to step up your advocacy game.

Have you signed the petition yet? This is our way of showing the strength and unity of our community.

Who do you know? Help them take action to protect public lands.

Your neighbors and your lawmaker read the local papers. Tell them how you feel about public lands with a letter to the editor or op-ed.

Writing your lawmakers is an effective way to advocate for public lands. Use our tool to make it easy.

Call your lawmaker and tell them to protect public lands. You provide the phone, we'll provide the number and an easy to follow script. 

Tell your lawmakers how you feel about public lands, in-person.  Use our Town Hall 101 guide and get loud. 

We're not quite running Outdoor Alliance out of the back of van but we are a small non-profit. Your donation will help us get more people like you standing tall for public lands. 

Being a dues-paying member doesn't just help organizations keep the lights on; it's also an essential marker of a group's credibility that helps them work with decision makers.

But most important:


If you're not voting, none of the other stuff you're doing matters a whole lot. The people in office decide stuff. You decide who's in office.


and a bonus!


It's not as crazy as it sounds, we promise. We need more people who care about public lands to stand up and serve. Is that you?